“During a visit to my Infinity Primary Care physician in September I picked up a brochure about the New Direction program at the Wellness Center.  So when my doctor came in and asked what I was going to do to get my weight, blood sugar levels and blood pressure down, I showed her the brochure and said I would start by contacting the wellness center.  She gave me 3 months to show improvement of blood sugar levels or I would be diagnosed as diabetic and put on medication.  This I did not want!

After meeting with the registered dietitian, Jill, and hearing about the diet, I decided this was the time, it was now or possibly never, to take control of my health.  

I began the program and attended my first weekly meeting 2 days later.  I was never hungry and my energy level increased.  Each week I lost, an average of 3 lbs.  My blood pressure readings were lower than I’d seen in years, both of which kept me staying 100% on plan, as well as I liked the New Direction food.

In 4 months time I had lost almost 50lbs. Improved blood pressure got me off one medication and glucose reading was down to normal. I’ve continued to lose a little weight over the past few months and am trying to incorporate new eating habits as a lifestyle change, joined a gym and try to go regularly.  I know everyone’s experience will be different but it was the right choice for me.

I would recommend this program to anyone especially because it is doctor supervised, has weekly meetings lead by a registered dietitian and all the staff at IPC Wellness Center were great to work with.”

Jane O. -- Weight Management Program Participant