Weight Loss Patient

"My perception of my appearance was distorted and opposite of what the scale, photos, BMI chart and ultimately my knees were telling me and that was I was morbidly obese.  After spending most of my adult life overweight, watching my weight continue to climb yearly and having to buy larger clothes, I was determined to make 2017 the year of my transformation. It is easy to let work, family and other life’s obligations take center stage, but they are not going to take care of you and do what is in your best interest.  Each time I saw my primary care physician, the message he relayed to me was the same after each visit.  Lose weight and exercise.  On one of my visits, he mentioned that Infinity Primary Care was introducing a new program called New Directions lead by dietician Jill Gettle.  After a few more months, I decided I would set-up an appointment and meet with Jill.  Jill explained the structure of the program and the expectation of the participants. New Directions would provide the tools and support, but the participant must do the work and that is to follow the program and attend weekly education and support meetings.  As someone who is goal oriented and likes structure and more importantly, ready to lose weight, it was time to give the program a try.  My family, friends, and co-workers were notified of my new endeavor not only for their support but for my accountability.  While I haven’t been perfect on the program, I enter maintenance 60 pounds lighter than I began.  Dr. Klein, Jill, Kathy and the friendly staff have been very supportive during this journey. I highly recommend the program."

Judy B., Weight Loss Center participant

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“During a visit to my Infinity Primary Care physician in September I picked up a brochure about the New Direction program at the Wellness Center.  So when my doctor came in and asked what I was going to do to get my weight, blood sugar levels and blood pressure down, I showed her the brochure and said I would start by contacting the wellness center.  She gave me 3 months to show improvement of blood sugar levels or I would be diagnosed as diabetic and put on medication.  This I did not want!

After meeting with the registered dietician, Jill, and hearing about the diet, I decided this was the time, it was now or possibly never, to take control of my health.  

I began the program and attended my first weekly meeting 2 days later.  I was never hungry and my energy level increased.  Each week I lost, an average of 3 lbs.  My blood pressure readings were lower than I’d seen in years, both of which kept me staying 100% on plan, as well as I liked the New Direction food.

In 4 months time I had lost almost 50lbs. Improved blood pressure got me off one medication and glucose reading was down to normal. I’ve continued to lose a little weight over the past few months and am trying to incorporate new eating habits as a lifestyle change, joined a gym and try to go regularly.  I know everyone’s experience will be different but it was the right choice for me.

I would recommend this program to anyone especially because it is doctor supervised, has weekly meetings lead by a registered dietician and all the staff at IPC Wellness Center were great to work with.”

Jane O., Weight Loss Center participant

“I felt hopeless, unhappy, and desperately needed to lose weight and get healthy!  I was a 61 year old woman who was obese, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetic, with history of T.I.A., and a host of other medical issues.

I had tried every “diet”, “weight loss”, “ near starvation”, “low-fat, no fat, no carbs”, “Medical Weight Loss”, “Weight Watchers” program available. Able to lose weight, but unable to maintain it! I had been on the ultimate roller coaster ride for most of my adult life!

I thought I was just unable to lose the weight and keep it off!  This in itself is damaging to your health and does nothing for your emotions or self-esteem.

While getting results of my (every 3 month) lab work from my doctor, I noticed a flyer posted in her office. I discussed the idea of the program with her and she felt it would be a good idea. The very next day, I contacted the IPC Wellness Center, got an appointment within a few days to be interviewed by the Attending Physician and the Registered Nutritionist, Jill Gettle.  During our meeting, the program and costs were explained in great detail. I have to admit, the cost was a little daunting.  However, I weighed my options!  Not seeing my Grandchildren grow-up, possibly being in a wheelchair the rest of my life, OR, using funds for myself that would no doubt be used partially for an unhealthy life style!  Well, I chose “ME”!!!  I signed up that very day!!  As it turns out, one of the best days of my life.  I put the brakes on the roller coaster and turned my life around! 

With the help of Dr. Klein and Jill Gettle, I was placed on the “New Direction” program. That was 2/4/16.  My weight that day was 235 lbs. With the program I was monitored and attended class weekly.  I followed the program exactly and dedicated myself to creating a healthy lifestyle.  On 7/28/2016 (my 62 birthday) I weighed in at 165 lbs.

During the program, you are not only monitored, you attend class each week.  There you learn how to eat healthy, exactly what your body needs to sustain, exercise, and to take a really good look at reasons why your emotions play such a roll in overeating or what I call “mind-less eating”! I learned that I can and do love myself for who I am, not using food to cover up my feelings and emotions.  It is a very positive life changing program.   I am still learning something new in each class.  I’m learning step by step how to maintain my weight loss. 

The staff is thoughtful, kind and always cheering you on.  Yes, there are hurdles!  However, I found (out of all the other programs in my past) that this program IS THE VERY BEST!  It’s a healthy eating for life program!  Absolutely, NOT “a diet”! I was not hungry, lost the cravings I usually had on a weight loss program, I did not feel deprived.  It was easy to stay dedicated with the help of the staff, and Jill.

Classes are welcoming, calm, and full of a wealth of knowledge. Things I never got from other programs! Plus, we all support and encourage each other!

I can honestly say, this is by far, the very best program.  It works, if you work too!

Since completing the active weight loss phase of the plan on 7/28/16,  I have continued to follow what I’ve learned from Jill and have lost an additional 15 lbs.  YES, that’s a total of 85 lbs!!!!   I feel WONDERFUL!   My blood pressure is controlled with less medication, my depression is gone, cholesterol levels are excellent, my hair and skin look great, I have a smile that used to be hard to find.  AND, I look “AMAZING”!  If I do say so myself!

I would definitely recommend this program to anyone.  If you feel hopeless, sad, and feel nothing can change – you need to give this program a chance!  You won’t be disappointed!  It changed my life and, can change yours too!”

Sharon A., Weight Management Center Participant

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