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Dr. Michaels, Dr. O'Dowd, Dr. Klein, Dr. Pathak and Dr. Steinberger are now accepting Virtual Visits for their established patients. Virtual visit is a way providers can communicate with their patients by delivering a seamless video experience on any device.  If you are interested in a virtual visit please contact your provider.


Please do not join your visit late. If so, you may receive a text from your provider that you have to call the office and reschedule for an office visit.

Do I Pay My Copay?

Yes, You will be prompted to enter your copay value or a rate may already be in there that is determined by your insurance coverage. Please know your office visit copay before joining your visit, so you can enter the correct value.

Why Can't I Join Early?

There is an allotted amount of time before your scheduled visit in which you are able to complete your pre-visit requirements If you are attempting to join a little early, don't worry. You can run a quick Test on your device to ensure you are ready to go. If your provider joins first and you have completed your pre-visit requirements, you will be brought to the visit room to see your provider.

After Visit Survey

We may call  you after your Virtual Visit and ask you some questions about your experience. We would appreciate your input so we can continue to improve your Virtual Visit experience.

How to Join Your Visit

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PLEASE NOTE: Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge do NOT support Virtual Appointments on any device.

Need More Assistance: CLICK HERE for a Quick Start Guide