Monday, January 22, 2018
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As a patient of Infinity Primary Care, you may have heard the term EHR quite a bit over the past year. We have made a commitment to convert from our paper records to Electronic Health Records (EHR) by the end of 2007. Many of you have read about EHR in the newspapers and there is no doubt that it will offer many clinical advantages for the doctor and the patient.

EHR Improves The Safety And Quality Of Your Care
The EHR system digitally stores patient information including lab and diagnostic testing results, and automates the processes of prescribing medications, cross-checking for drug interactions and sending prescription requests directly to pharmacies. Handwriting is no longer a factor in the patient chart or prescription order, eliminating potential medical errors due to handwriting.

One of the great benefits is that your physician can access patient data such as your medication list, allergies and medical problems that will help evaluate and treat you with increased safety from anywhere. All physicians "on-call" after hours can access this same information, thus providing excellent, all-inclusive care for our patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as if they are always in the office with your chart. Another benefit is the EHR will make your chart easier to read, easier to access, and easier to share with your other care providers.

Electronic Health Records & Your Care
Approximately 25% of patient records in the United States are electronic. The federal government and insurance companies are beginning to mandate all providers change to an electronic format. In the upcoming decade, it is expected that almost all records will be electronic. This will bring healthcare up-to-date with other industries that rely on accurate and timely transfer of information.

EHR Is Not Without Some Concerns
Confidentiality is an absolute cornerstone of the doctor-patient relationship. We feel very strongly that nothing should interfere with this. Infinity Primary Care physicians and staff utilize excellent security and privacy controls within the EHR to safeguard your personal information. This, in combination with staff education and appropriately strict policies, make the EHR very secure.

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